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Go Mini Golf was created in order to help both putt putt golf enthusiasts looking for local mini golf courses as well as entrepreneurs interested in getting into the putt putt golf industry. This site is intended to be used to find local mini golf courses while providing up to date and accurate listings so that you can easily find a putt putt golf course near you. Having many years in the mini golf industry, the Go Mini Golf team wanted to create a website that could be used for the public as the one place to go when looking for a local putt putt golf course. There are many of us who have been on vacation with friends or family and simply wanted to find a near-by putt putt golf course, without having to go through directory after directory. We wanted to create a website that got right to the point without any excess, was easy to navigate, gave relevant information, and was as current as possible.

Additionally, the team at Go Mini Golf also felt it necessary to include a section dedicated to the creation of putt putt golf courses, since having the required components of a good miniature golf course all in one place should make life easier for existing putt putt golf owners, as well as those looking to open their own miniature golf course. The “Build A Course” section is intended to be a thorough list of suppliers covering as many different aspects of running a successful mini golf course as possible. We hope you find this site useful and informative. Happy miniature golfing!

- Go Mini Golf Team
The team at Go Mini Golf is comprised of people who are passionate about the challenge and escape miniature golfing provides. Delighting families for decades, putt putt golf is a great way to relax, play, and spend quality time with loved ones while temporarily immersing you in another world. Having played more combined rounds of putt putt golf than we can count as well as running a mini golf course for many years, the Go Mini Golf team had one purpose when creating this site – to make putt putt golf more accessible, both to the public as well as the entrepreneur.

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