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Bedford, IN Mini Golf Courses

Bedford, Indiana Miniature Golf Courses

Above is our comprehensive list of Bedford, Indiana miniature golf courses. The listing provides general information regarding each mini golf course as well as a detailed map showing the location of that particular putt putt golf course. Each listing includes the name, physical address, phone number and map of all Bedford, Indiana mini golf courses and can be used to find mini golf courses in the Bedford, IN area. To the right of each individual listing is the map link which provides a detailed map showing the location of each respective Bedford, IN miniature golf course. Some Bedford, Indiana putt putt golf listings may additionally have a link directly to that particular course’s website for even more in depth information such as rates and hours.
If you are planning on going miniature golfing near Bedford, Indiana, simply click on the Indiana link above to get back to the state map showing all putt putt golf listed in our directory within the state of Indiana. A linked list of all cities containing mini golf near Bedford, IN can be found just to left of the state map.
If you own a putt putt golf course in Bedford, Indiana or the surrounding area and do not see it listed in our directory or would like to get your mini golf course listed in our directory, please click on the Contact Us link and fill out the required information. Once your mini putt putt course information is received, our team will then verify the accuracy of all information. After verification, your mini putt putt course will be listed and mapped.          

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Parr-Putt Mini Golf
1841 Steven Ave
Bedford, IN 47421
P: (812) 279-5456